Henchman On-Demand Service

London's exclusive on-demand service

Impress your clients with Henchman Business

The luxury delivery service to impress your favourite customers



What is Henchman?

London’s luxury concierge app, exclusive to central London.

How can I join?

Henchman is invitation only. You can only acquire access via personal invitation from one of our existing members or partners.

Why is it members only?

By restricting access we are able to give more time and quality of service to each and every one of our members.

What can Henchman do?

Henchman combines technology and customer service to complete your daily tasks in style. Shopping, dry cleaning, personal messages and gifting are some of many ways to utilise our service.


EMAIL: support@henchmanapp.com

TEL: 0203 389 6522

Email anytime or call Henchman 8am to midnight every day