Your Personal Henchman

at your door in under an hour

Something you need? Have it delivered from restaurants and stores in London.

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Henchman Territory

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    • 1. SEND

      Use the HenchmanApp or Order online for anything you like

    • 2. COLLECT

      We send out your Henchman and collect it for you

    • 3. DELIVERED

      You will have it with you within the hour!


    • 00mins

      You send us your mission

    • 01mins

      We accept your mission

    • 05mins

      Your personal concierge selects the best placed henchman

    • 06mins

      We make the arrangements (22mins preparation time)

    • 26mins

      Your henchman arrives at the destination

    • 28mins

      Your order is ready

    • 29mins

      Your henchman collects the goods

    • 42mins

      From the store to your hands.


    • What is Henchman?

      Henchman is the new way to get anything you want delivered in - Now. We deliver from any restaurant or store in London directly to your door.
    • But what does it mean?

      Henchman ˈhɛn(t)ʃmən' / A loyal and trusted follower or subordinate who performs tasks for a powerful person
    • How does it work?

      • 1. Simply tell us what you want by placing a request online or using our app.
      • 2. We place your order with the shop, pay for it, collect it
      • 3. It’s with you in less than 60 minutes
    • What can Henchman deliver?

      We don’t just stop at food. We deliver what you request. From retail to essentials, to groceries and gifts, Henchman is dedicated to doing the hard work so you don’t have to! Henchman.
    • How fast can you deliver?

      Our fastest delivery was done by Raymond (aka German) in just 6mins, followed by his son, Tommy (aka Tommy Gun) in 7mins and Balazs (aka The Transporter) in 8mins for seperate McDonalds orders.



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      Do you think you have what it takes to be a Henchman?

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    • The Hassallhoff
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